Gibbs/Morriss Family Archive

An archive of images and information on the ancestors, progenitors, and progeny of William Wayt Gibbs, IV and Dorothy Morriss Gibbs

1863 1890 1900 1900-1920 1901 1904 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1912-14 1913 1916 1921 1923 1928 1929 1930-1940 1930? 1931 1932 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1939-40 1940 1940-1950 1941 1941-42 1942 1942-43 1943 1944 1944 Aug 1945? 1946 1947 1947 Christmas 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1960 1961 1963 1965? 2020 Benham Morriss Benham Morriss child Bettie Barnhart Watts fam Bettie Barnhart Watts young mother Birth c 1860 c 1890 c 1900 c 1915 c 1916 c 1918 c 1920? c 1926 c 1940 c 1941 c 1942 c 1943 c 1944 c 1945 c 1948 c 1950 Carlotta Kable Morriss Carlotta Kable Morriss 1912 Carlotta Kable Morriss Grandmother 1 Catherine Bell Gibbs Girl Scout Catherine Bell Gibbs 3 Catherine Bell Gibbs 8a Catherine Bell Gibbs SH Catherine Bell Gibbs Stuart Hall Catherine Gibbs Trinkle Charles Wildasin chess Cora Morriss Death Notice Dixie Hawks Stoddard Donald Morriss 1912 Dorothy Morriss Dorothy Morriss 1912 Dorothy Morriss Gibbs Dorothy Morriss Gibbs mother Dorothy Morriss Gibbs adult 1 Dorothy Morriss Gibbs mother b Dorothy Morriss photos Edith Bolling Wilson Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace 1 Evelyn Wildasin Evie Jones Morriss Fannie Morriss Funeral Gardening Gibbs Hill Gideon Barnhart golf Governor William Smith Guy Davis Herbert A Meyer Herbert A Meyer Family Herbert A Meyer Jr Jamie Wildasin Jamie Wildasin child John John A Zinn Jr John Dabney Morriss 1924 John Dabney Morriss Baby John Dabney Morriss child Katherine B Smith Gibbs Lee Trinkle Leta Watts Leta Watts 1908 Leta Watts Gibbs Leta Watts Gibbs adult Leta Watts Gibbs garden club Leta Watts Gibbs gardener a Leta Watts Gibbs Grandmother Lulu Watts Coiner Margaret Custis Archer speller Margaret Wildasin Margarett Kable Russell Marian Morriss Marion McDonald Morriss Marion McDonald Morriss Grandfather Marney Martha Ann Weade Barnhart adult Mary Davis Watts aged 13 Mary Morriss Gibbs Mary Morriss Gibbs speller a Mary Morriss Gibbs 7 Mary Morriss Gibbs aged 7? Mary Morriss Gibbs baby Mary Morriss Gibbs SH Mary Morriss Gibbs spell 1 Mary Morriss Gibbs speller Mary Morriss Gibbs Spelling Mary Morriss Gibbs wedding Mary Watts Meyer great aunt Meyer Mildred Darcus 2 Newton C Watts Newton Clarke Watts young adult Obituary Rose Smith Sally Edge Worth Scrapbook 1 Sylvia Fogg Gibbs Telephone Company Thomas Russell Tom Morriss Tom Morriss child W. W. Gibbs Jr. Wedding Wellington Watts Wiliam Wayt Gibbs III grandfather William Hartman Kable double William Mc Donald Morriss aged 13? William Smith Morriss William Smith Morriss 1912 William Wayt Gibbs (First) William Wayt Gibbs III 1930? William Wayt Gibbs III chess William Wayt Gibbs III Family William Wayt Gibbs III VMI William Wayt Gibbs III young adult a William Wayt Gibbs IV William Wayt Gibbs IV Army 1 William Wayt Gibbs IV army hat William Wayt Gibbs IV at work William Wayt Gibbs IV cadet 1 William Wayt Gibbs IV cadet 2 William Wayt Gibbs Jr William Wayt Gibbs middle age William Wayt Gibbs V 1943 William Wayt Gibbs V 3 William Wayt Gibbs V 5 William Wayt Gibbs V adult a William Wayt Gibbs V aged 6 William Wayt Gibbs V baby William Wayt Gibbs V child William Wayt Gibbs V cowboy William Wayt Gibbs VI Work-related WW Birthplace WWG overseas